Lemma – Alpha 3 Ready to Play

After seven months of hard work, Alpha 3 is ready to play!

Some interesting statistics:

  • 28,000+ lines of code
  • 29 MB of compressed voxel data
  • 63 MB of sounds and music
  • 38 animations
  • 60+ textures and normal maps
  • 220+ revisions since Alpha 1

Incidentally, most of that is open source! If you’re a developer, check it out on GitHub.

This version includes the firstĀ five maps. There are still some unfinished bits (the opening sequence is not yet textured) but it’s come a long way in the past year.

Please play this because this release will report invaluable analytics back to me so I know what parts are frustrating. The most important thing the game needs right now is play-testing! Please let me know what you think as well, all the feedback from past releases has been incredibly useful and encouraging. You guys are awesome!

Future Plans

It’s difficult to judge release dates, but I foresee at least another year and a half of development in order to make the game say everything I need to say. My goal is to save enough money in the next year to take some time off and dedicate myself full-time to finishing Lemma. For the first time, I have a vision for the whole game experience that is actually feasible for one person to complete. The engine is done and from here on out it’s basically all level design.

Thanks for reading and playing. See you in a few alpha releases. :)


Christ follower and indie game developer. Running, music, programming, games, art.

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5 comments on “Lemma – Alpha 3 Ready to Play
  1. Thought about doing a kickstarter projects?

    • et1337 says:

      I have indeed… it’s early days though. I think I would only use it to help make it through the final push. Kickstart too early and the development might be impacted too much by my Kickstarter promises. Plus you only get so many shots at publicity before people lose interest. I’d probably run it simultaneously with a Greenlight campaign, which usually seems to happen when the game’s almost done.

  2. AlphaZero says:

    Hey, et1337, thank you for creating this wonderful indie game.
    I, as a massive fan of Mirror’s Edge, cannot wait for the next Mirror’s Edge game, but I can’t find any other decent parkour games out there.
    I came across this game from a youtube playthough, and I’m really glad.
    So, as I said before:
    Thank you!

  3. Lorx05 says:

    Is it possible to get 360 controllersupport?
    I also accidentally assigned “fullscreen” to LMB, now starting the game sucks, i can’t remap it, is there a sollution? thx

    • et1337 says:

      Yes, the next version has 360 controller support!

      Yikes, that’s something I hadn’t thought about! You can clear out all the settings.by deleting the file called C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Lemma\settings.xml

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Evan Todd. Christ follower and indie game developer. Running, music, programming, games, art.

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